From Los Cabos International Airport

Via Car:

Renting a car will give you freedom to explore surrounding towns and beaches. All the major car rental companies are based at the airport and prices are from US$60 per day. We recommend Cactus Car Rental or Mex Rent a Car Fill up with gasoline before you leave the airport as there is not another station.  It takes 1h 10 from SJD to Cerritos, there will be tolls of around MX200/US$10 needing to be paid in cash.

It is easy to navigate here with GPS using the following address:

Playa Los Cerritos, Km. 66.5 Playa los Cerritos, 23310 El Pescadero, B.C.S.

Via Shuttle:

Eco Baja Tours runs a shuttle service between San Jose del Cabo Airport (SJD) and Todos Santos. Shuttles cost US$21pp and can be booked one week in advance. They do sell out so book early. Ask to be dropped off in nearby El Pescadero. From there you can taxi to Cerritos (7 mins, expect to pay MX$160 - MX$200) 

The shuttle times are:

SJD - Todos Santos 13:30, 15:30, 17:30

Todos Santos - SJD 8:15, 9:45

Todos Santos Private Transportation is another shuttle service, cost is US$200 to book a whole vehicle. They also operate locally around Cerritos.

Via Bus:

Catch the purple and yellow public bus from San Jose del Cabo Airport Domestic Terminal 1 to San José del Cabo bus station (takes 13 min, approx MX$17). Buses run every 15 mins from 4:30am to 11pm. Tickets may be purchased at the Ecobajatours within Arrivals area in Terminal 1. 

Then from San Jose del Cabo bus station catch the blue and white Aguila bus to El Pescadero (takes 1h 45, costs approx MX$170). Buses run approximately every hour. From El Pescadero you can taxi to Cerritos (7 mins, expect to pay MX$160 - MX$200) or  we may be able to pick you up if pre-arranged, the cost is US$10.

Via Taxi:

Taxi ranks are located outside SJD Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Expect to pay  MX$2200 - $2700  (USD$110-$135) to taxi from SJD airport to Olas de Cerritos.

From La Paz Airport

Via Car:

Car rental services are available at La Paz Airport from around $60 USD per day. It takes 1h 15 minutes.

Via Taxi:


  • Taxi Aeropuerto (at the airport)  -  +52 612 141 6839

  • Taxi La Paz  -  +52 612 153 9245

  • Flecha Roja  -  +52 612 140 5351

Expect to pay MX$2,000 - MX$2,400  (USD$100-$120)

Via Bus:

La Paz Airport to La Paz bus terminal "Terminal de Autobuses La Paz"

  • Bus from airport to bus terminal (40 mins, expect to pay MX$21 - MX$35 per person)

  • OR get a taxi from the airport to bus terminal (20 mins, expect to pay: MX$400 - MX$480)

From "Terminal de Autobuses La Paz" to Todos Santos

Takes 1h 45. There are buses every two hours, expect to pay around MX$200.

Get a taxi from Todos Santos to Olas de Cerritos (20 mins, MX$460)

Getting Around

From Cerritos you will need to catch a taxi if you want to visit Todos Santos or El Pescadero. 

Local Taxi Services

  • José Nava, +52 (612) 157-3337 (approx US$20  one way to Cerritos - Todos Santos).

  • Ismael Hernandez, +52 (612) 120 8050 (approx US$20 one way to Todos Santos, US$150 to the SJC airport).

  • (US$25 one way Cerritos - Todos Santos)

Taxis are easy to find wherever you are traveling, although the prices can appear expensive as the distances travelled tend to be long. Expect to pay US$8-10 to travel a mile in Cabo San Lucas or US$35-40  to travel from San Jose del Cabo airport to Cabo San Lucas.

Uber is illegal in Los Cabos  although some may operate.  Your Uber app will work in Los Cabos, however, please be aware that at Los Cabos Airport Uber vehicles are only able to pick you up outside the Airport grounds near the main highway.

Cabo Taxi Services

  • Transportation For Less  -  +52 624 108 5583

  • TaxiBik  -  +52 624 225 404

  • Frente Único  -  +52  624 142 010 

  • Cora Bros  -  +52 624 142 4385